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The Power Wash Pros are seeking highly motivated team players to come on board. We would like to connect with those who are looking for a career that's fulfilling with self-satisfaction, sense of accomplishment and no ceiling when it comes to rewards and compensation.

We encourage you to check the website from time to time as different positions/ opportunities and locations come available.


Window Cleaner/Power wash Tech-East Bay:


We are seeking someone to fill our position to perform mainly window cleaning and power washing on regular recurring commercial accounts and nearby residential. The work is year-round and after training you will maintain a regular route in the nearby area. 

The hours are in the morning as early as 8am and as late to 6pm or when jobs are completed based on the accounts to be serviced for the day.

Compensation is $16.50 an hour starting with training and $18.00+ with a couple of years' experience.


The Services that you will perform are as follows:

  • Window cleaning

  • Power washing

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Building & House washing

  • Awning cleaning

  • Screen repair

  • Solar Panel cleaning



  •  Must have valid driver's license with no more than 2 points.

  • Must have a social security number or green card.

  • Must be able to climb ladders up to 24' and use a lift up to 3 stories and are not afraid of heights.

  • Must be dependable and be available for work, receive and return calls.

  • Must get along with other employees, customers and client's customers.

  • Have and maintain a clean/ neat professional appearance.

  • Must be able and willing to work an early shift and to move at a steady/fast pace.

  • Must have access to a computer to print invoices on a daily basis.


You will start as a helper then will be assigned a company vehicle and tools upon proven satisfactory completion and consistency of accounts and reliability.

For more information on the compensation plan or just anything about the position, click on the icon below to fill out an application and schedule an interview today!


Window Cleaner/Power wash Tech- East Bay:

Accepting Applications!


Please click the icon below to fill out an application and email it to:

Attention: Window Cleaner/Tech Position.

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