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The Power Wash pros Services all of your exterior cleaning needs including windows inside and out. We offer quality, detailed orientated workmanship for those who are expecting a higher standard at a reasonable price. What you also get is a company with integrity who are more about the relationship than just another job and jumping on to another one. We have developed systems to achieve the results you are looking for and are professional and easy to deal with. We use all natural and bio-degradable soaps and degreasers and don't use any harsh chemicals such as Bleach or Ammonia. We carry 1 million in Liability Insurance and for your convenience provided a copy to put your mind at ease. You can click on the icon at the bottom of this page and print it out for your records. Feel free to check our reviews at


Window Cleaning-

We do high quality Window cleaning, whether It's a small condo or a 6000 sf mansion, we provide detailed and thorough service for any situation. We don't get our equipment from hardware stores. We use the industry standard from Ettore and get our tools from commercial professional specialty stores. We treat you as an individual with your own special needs and concerns. We can safely and effectively reach houses from 1-4 stories. We clean up after ourselves and leave your windows looking brand new! You can choose to go with our complete package where you get the windows cleaned, screens and tracts cleaned for a little extra or just choose to do the exterior. We can work with any budget and are pleased to assist you in any way we can!

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Power Washing-

We can do power washing for a wide variety of areas based on your needs such as: Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks, decks, fences and more. We will use bio-degradable agents to aid in lifting up stubborn dirt in combination with a surface cleaner attachment. This achieves a more thorough and desired look than using just a wand tip. We will then wash with the gun wand for a final rinse. Also as a extra service if desired we can seal your patio, deck, walkways and driveway to help prevent the weather taking its toll too soon. This can last up to a year. We will choose one for you or we can use one of your choice.

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Gutter Cleaning-

During fall-time, leaves, debris and mud can build up and clog your gutter system and down spouts. This can cause hundreds of pounds of weight including trapped water resulting in water pouring over the top of your gutters and can cause damage to the gutters and water damage from water running on the side of your house. Also people who may try to clean their gutters themselves are risking fall and injury especially over two stories on a ladder.Save time and your lively hood to leave it up to the professionals to get it done right and safe! We scoop out your gutters with our cleaning tools one bucket at a time and carefully discard it in plastic trash bags or your green plastic leave container. we work diligently to remove all the leaves, sticks, and mud to relieve your gutters of the excess weight that can result in them to get bent up or even fall.Next we will inspect that you have proper down spout strainers/protectors in place that keep out leaves and other debris from clogging up the downspouts. Next we will get on the roof while tied to a lanyard/harness if over two stories and run water throughout the gutters to wash away leftover mud, dirt, and debris and ensure proper irrigation of your gutter system and drainage of your downspouts.If there is a particular problem area such as gutters that are next to a tree, we can advise and install gutter protectors that snap in from the top that range from widely perforated for mild leave droppings to almost solid with slight grooves only to let water in for more severe leave droppings.

House Washing-

Get rid of those ugly Cobb webs and dirt that accumulates over the years on the side of your house. We use a process called "soft washing" as referred to in the industry. This is a combination of a natural product sprayed on the house that will break up mold, dirt and mildew for dirtier houses. We then turn down the pressure of the machine significantly and wash the product off with a light rinse. For houses that the paint is well intact, there should be no tear on the paint. For older houses that do have some paint peeling, more caution is advised as the paint that's peeling could peel more in those areas.


















Panel Cleaning-


Your solar panels save you money on your electric bills and to ensure you get the full potential out of your investment, they have to be cleaned about twice a year. A regular cleaning can increase productivity about to 30%.

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