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Window Cleaning-

We provide detail orientated window cleaning to Restaurants, storefronts, hotels,apartments, and office buildings up to 3 stories. No matter if it's for a mom & Pop or a corporate chain, every customer is treated on an individual basis according to each customers needs. Our prices are very fair and Quality & service is high!We use a pure water cleaning system called a water fed pole for the exterior of buildings with high reach windows. It is a 4 stage filtration system that filtrates the hard water out, flows up a long pole in which we scrub down with a brush and rinses spot free. With this system we can clean dirty windows without severe build-up,paint & particles with-out the use of a lift. We can also wash down, ledges, overhangs, sills, railing and decor for a more complete look also known as "soft washing."

We also service theaters and are an approved vendor with service channel & fixxbook. We can easily work with large national vendors that will sub out the work in our service area.

Power Washing-

We do power washing for restaurants, Banks, Hotels, Churches, Apartments, Shopping Plazas, Office buildings and More. We don't leave over-spray and dirt on windows. We are careful to work around the public, and leave it beautiful, more welcoming and inviting for your customers to hang out and feel comfortable in a clean and professionally done environment.

Property Management


Property Management-We provide window cleaning and power washing on office buildings and any large commercial buildings and apartments up to 3 stories. While we"re up there cleaning your windows, we can also power wash your buildings exterior and wash the awnings. You don't have to wait until you paint the building to get rid of that ugly grime, Mold and Mildew. Painting the buiding or not is a choice but when it comes to dirt and mold it's not, which can cause health problems and degrade property values. we have the expertise and the patience a commercial painting company doesn't have to safely and effectively remove dirt and mold while keeping in-tact the existing paint on the building.

Solar Panel Cleaning


Solar panels should be cleaned 2x per year to maintain full effeicentcy levels.

We can safely and easily clean solar panels on any kind of roof and sometimes from the ground. Please don't leave it up to the maintenance crew to clean the buildings solar panels. We use a pure water cleaning system  that can allow us to reach panels 20 or more feet away without stepping on them.This is a 4 stage system that will filtrate out hardwater that cuases water spots and without the need to sqeagee down the panel. It just rinses spot free.


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